2003 - 2007 with

Brittksi showed her flickerbeams at Süd Electronic records’ regular nights around East London between 2003 - 2007. Usually equipped with a few 16mm film, two or three slide projectors and splitting or mirroring devices, her tools contrast the accompanying minimal electronic laptop setup. The tempo and rhythm though with which the countless short 16mm film loops run through the projectors randomly synchronise with the beats. Lightbeams flicker, drawing lines along walls and ceilings, abstract images overlap, punctuate or blend into each other. While Portable (with Lerato/Lakuti founder of electronic record label) has been described as musically creating ‘those deep monsters between rattling confounded layers of sound and flickering abstract percussion’, Brittski's attempt would be to create alike with light. Locations and their varying spatial qualities have been just as important as the exploration of the relationship between image and sound: shaping  space with light to music.


Brittksi has worked on several other music events, creating projections, light and stage installations.

[A short showreel of Brittski with Süd Electronic 2003 - 2007]

[live concert at Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington, London 2002 ]

[Private function, London 2006 ]

[‘Homefires’ music festival, London; organised by Eat Your Own Ears record label and Adem

2005 and 2006]