Britt Hatzius (DE / UK) works in film, video, sound and performance. Her work has been shown internationally at performance and media arts festivals, institutions and galleries. Her work refers to or often takes the format of the moving image, both in its technical and conceptual form, exploring ideas around language, interpretation and the potential for discrepancies, ruptures, deviations and (mis-) communication. She completed a degree in Fine Art Media at Chelsea College of Art London in 2002 and an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths University London in 2005, where she occasionally works within academic research at Studio INCITE (Critical Enquiry into Ethnography and Technology) and CUCR (Centre for Urban and Community Research). As part of her practice she has collaborated with numerous visual artists, performers, theatre directors, sound artists, musicians, dancers and is engaged in visual-sound collaborations with the collective ‘Not Applicable Artists’. She is currently based in Heidelberg (DE), Berlin (DE) and Brussels (BE).

contact: britthat [at]