Cinematic installation

By Britt Hatzius and Tom Kok

Micro Events is a series of cinematic experiences for one person at a time, each comprising of a table, a microscope and a small mechanical stage. A soundtrack accompanies the partial view onto tiny fragments, remains and broken pieces, leading you through a maze of detailed descriptions, questions and unstable verifications.

The collaborative work was initially developed during a residency at Timelab and started with the discovery of two very similar collections of images found in both Tom’s and Britt’s reference material. The images of relatively small, often seemingly insignificant bits of chalk, string or stone and their descriptions found in Museum collections or other scientific research archives became the inspiration for Micro Events. It is informed by a mutual curiosity in the mechanics of knowledge production, wanting to tentatively question the authority of scientific classification and allowing a sense of awe for the inexplicable.


Developed during Timelab Spring Camp 2012 and presented during the festival ALMOST CINEMA at Vooruit, Ghent, October 2012.


Micro Events at Maison de Creteil, Paris, 2014

Micro Events at Mois Multi (Galeries des Arts Visuel, l'Université de Laval) Quebec, Canada 2015


in collaboration with TOM KOK

27.March-13.April 2014

(French + English version)

EXIT Festival International

Maison des Arts de Creteil

Creteil, France

15.May-14.September 2014

(French + English version)

MICRO MACRO Exhibition

Gare St.Sauveur

Lille, France

13.-23.March 2014

(French + English version)

VIA Festival International

La Manege, Maubeuge,

Mons, Beglium


8.-20. October 2012


Almost Cinema

Vooruit, Ghent, Beglium

  1. 8.- 28. February 2015

at Mois Multi Festival, Quebec City, Canada.

15. - 25. May 2015

'Micro-Macro' Exhibition in Martigues, France

8.-17.October 2015

BEAF - BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival

Brussels, Belgium.