All photographs © Britt Hatzius and Ant Hampton

This is an ongoing collection of photographs depicting sites which suggest to us the potential of something happening, some kind of live event. We have invited a number of contributors to send in written ‘fantasy interventions’ in response to some of these photographs.

These sites, often empty, abandoned or disused, may at a certain time of day or night spark a passing wish to have them transformed, filled or somehow visited. As much as the sites themselves have a physical potential to become ‘alive’, the photographs shall be an inspiration for imagined ‘live moments’.

In conversations about how to define this project, we spoke about the difference between seeing these places as possible film sets, and the idea of making a live event for them. As an intervention, there is no ‘taking’ from the place and ‘remaking’ elsewhere. Whatever it is, we have to go there to witness it: even as a fantasy, we must be present.

The other aspect we spoke about was feasibility, and to what extent it is useful or interesting to imagine impossible things. Aware that, for example, ‘paperwork architecture’ has an indirect effect on the actual built environment, we are figuring our Fantasy Interventions may also in some way manage to leak into the real world. The balance between imagination and feasibility seems central to site-specific art practice.

In this sense the photographs, removed from their physical location, offer inspiration rather than practical guidelines. The restrictions or limitations that are inherent in photographic representation shall reflect the constant dialogue between the ideas and imagined scenario and their practical manifestation: the distance between the two is open here for countless possible ‘fantasy interventions’ and the creative potential hidden within such sites.

click here to view a selection of 20 photographs and their written fantasy interventions.projects_sites.html

This Site Could Be Yours - Fantasy Interventions

A collaboration between Britt Hatzius and Ant Hampton (Rotozaza)